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Ryanhaus Labradors

  Building a foundation of trust and reliability connecting man with man's best friend ! 

Dano's Della By Rockefeller @ 

Ryanhaus CGC CD

Della's parents are Blizzard and


Della is retired from breeding, she is Ophelia's grand dam and lives with our trainer Don 

I was matched with NEADS Hearing Dog Delancy, and my life was changed. I had been told about the bond between service dogs and their partners, but never imagined how amazing that would be. Delancy is more than my partner, he is an extension of me, and the reason I keep going forward each day. Delancy does the usual hearing dog tasks, such as alerting me to the oven timer, a door knock, dropped items, my name being called,a smoke detector, and more. I watch his body language, his ears and his eyes and know from those cues when an airplane or flock of geese flies overhead, or when a child starts crying, or a car pulls into my driveway, or if someone enters a room. Little things that hearing people might take for granted are now a part of my world again. Beyond those immediate things, Delancy provides a healthier life for me because I now walk every day, get out of bed when I don’t feel like it and am overflowing with happiness just by looking at his adorable face. He has changed me in so many ways and I will always be grateful to him and to NEADS.— Amy Reay

Dano's Daisey Mae

(Delancy's mom!)

Dano's Luck Be 

A Lady Claire 



Kate CD

Dano's Myrlie 

Evers @ Ryanhaus

Dano's Nore @ Ryanhaus CC JH

Dano's Keira Knightley @ Ryanhaus CC

Dano's Teddy Bear @ Ryanhaus


At his very first AKC Show!

Sire: Ocean Spray Blizzard

Dam: Dano's Keira Knightley @ Ryanhaus CC